With a relentless focus on the future, we strive to have our veterans and other powerful communities work together to promote both what is morally right and socially impactful. We build sustainable bridges of trust, unity and respect between our service members and other influential communities through advocacy, community relations and media outreach. Our newsworthy events and projects open the doors of shared opportunities and a shared sense of community.


We at AUSV— we believe communities can bring real opportunities for everyone involved through collaboration. We believe with no doubt that we can create a new narrative for our veterans and all Americans by creativity and collaboration, and of course by cooperation.  We believe that community unity is always a tribute to the strength and preference of a people for inclusion and partnership over division and alienation. There are more than 21 million United States veterans. We believe in the power of our


After almost two decades of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, it’s not surprising to hear that one of the county’s most underserved populations is the veterans community. While massive numbers of service members return home with depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injuries, they are not all seeking help due to the stigma about seeking mental health care. Separation from service and the need to adapt to new societal norms lead returning service members to experience great difficulties in their newly founded lives. Veterans find meaning in community, and their sense of identity is often rediscovered in their sharing of memories and stories with their fellow service members. They find comfort in their sense of "selves" and in knowing that they too have a place in their new society. 

We bring back a sense of community to our service members. We introduce their new generation to people in every corner of the globe through advocacy and collaboration. We roll out the red carpet for our veterans so that they can experience a more vibrant world that is often not offered to them. Our events are designed to create the social support, which is a crucial buffer to psychological distress that comes from reintegration and loss of identity.