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"Yankee Zulu Advisory Board"

Will Fowler, Katherine Gault, Nick Manfort, Isabelle Oliver, Anastasia Pixler, Lily Stacy, Nicholas Stanley and Joie Thorton are the brilliant minds of the new generations. Here at the Academy of United States Veterans we promote education and social progress in the young and eager minds of our youth. The Yankee Zulu Advisory Board consists of young men and women who bring a sense of evolution to our ways of thinking. 


Katherine "Kacey" Gault

I’m originally from Bristow, Virginia, but I go to school at West Virginia University where I’m studying Sports and Exercise Psychology. If I were a character from “The Office,” I’d say I’m Kelly because she always has a lot of energy, is upbeat and happy just like me. Although I go to school in coal country, I only know one coal miner, a bouncer at a bar I go to. The shoe that is most like me is wedges, because they represent my southern background and my love for warm summer days. I love Italian food and country music more than anything.


Will Fowler

I was born and raised in Ames, Iowa. I’m attending American University, majoring in Journalism with a minor in Philosophy. As an Editorial and Communications Coordinator, I spend most of my day writing for VETTY Magazine, but often I get trapped doing web design or other tasks. I have a desk right under the AC, which is a big win in my book. Though my coworkers complain about it, my two great passions in life besides journalism are bitterly strong tea and hard boiled eggs (the ultimate power food). At best, I am writing happily. At worst, I will strike fear into the hearts of those who make the mistake of letting me edit their work. I consider the AP Stylebook a guide to life.


IMG_0351 2.jpg

Nick Montfort

I am from Vienna, Virginia. I study political science, communications and history at Texas Christian University, in Fort Worth, TX. I enjoy catching up on the news by reading the Washington Post in the evening over a nice Juul, an ideal alternative to cigarettes, which are lame. My favorite movie of the summer has definitely been Incredibles 2. In my opinion, the 14 year wait was absolutely worth it. I enjoy my job as Legislative and Public Affairs Specialist here.


Isabelle "Izzy" Oliver

I am from Falls Church, Virginia but I go to Wheaton College in Illinois where I am on a humanities Interdisciplinary Studies track. Other than working as an Editorial and Communications Coordinator here at AUSV, I am spending my summer with my family and playing a on a summer league soccer team to prep for my fall season at school. In my spare time I enjoy poetry by Marie Howe and watching documentaries while drinking seltzer water, yes, I have fallen to the trend. My co-worker Will says it is really easy to make me laugh and I can’t argue with him, I do like to laugh. I can often be found journaling while listening to one of my many Spotify playlists and if you ask my opinion I think this world is more romantic and beautiful than most would admit.


Anastasia Pixler

I go to the University of Kentucky, but I’m from Chesapeake City, MD. I’m studying Integrated Strategic Communications and Political Science. I’m a hardcore morning person, and I’m in bed by 10:30 every night. When I was younger, I had an infection on my leg, which an obviously well-trained and competent doctor fixed by gouging it out with a knife, sans anesthesia. I’m disturbingly pale due to a sun allergy, but my spirit is still filled with sunshine.


Lily Stacy

I am from Tampa, Florida but I am living in Virginia for the summer to intern at AUSV. I study Communications and Public Health at the University of South Florida. As a born and raised Floridian, I have an natural aversion to Disneyland. I enjoy having my coffee at any time of the day, preferably medium roast with cream and sugar. I get most of my news from current podcasts and, if you ask me, bumper stickers as a great way to let one’s personality shine (and they let me laugh at people’s political views). I am honored to be working as a Public Relations and Outreach Associate at AUSV this summer.


Nicholas Stanley

I am from Clinton, Maryland but I attend Hampton University. I’m studying Psychology. I am hoping to go into marriage and family therapy. A few things about me: I don’t like double negatives or sarcasm, I am a morning person and my vote is that the Silver metro line is the best. I am enjoying my time at AUSV working as a Public Relations Coordinator, but I look forward to returning to school and dropping my hour and a half commute.


Joie Thorton

I was born in Hayward, California. I go to Trinity Washington University in D.C. I have numerous pet peeves, such as:

1) When people leave a closed door open. If you have to open the door to come in, then close it when you leave. Obviously it was closed for a reason. 2) When people walk too slowly in the grocery store. You should know where you’re going and move out my way. I’m irritated by people who walk slow in front of me in general. 3) When you miss a call and call right back, then they don’t answer the phone. Like, did you die within five seconds? 4) Children crying and yelling in public areas.

My spirit animal is a cat because I’m always calm until I’m bothered. I’m also spoiled and can be playful, and I’m a night person. My all time favorite food is the taco trucks in California.