It was on an early Autumn morning in 2014, shortly after her honorable discharge from the United States Army that Assal Ravandi longed for a service oriented satisfaction equal to what she had experienced during her time as a soldier. "I need to do something," she thought to herself. "I need my sense of purpose back and to continue my service." In this enthusiastic state, Assal conceived the idea of The Veterans Awards (Vettys); an accountable platform to recognize the positive aspects of the Veterans community. Finally, on Veterans Day 2015, the Vettys was produced for the first time ever and became the first community-wide event that celebrated various veterans projects under one roof. 



The VETTYS was a successful affair with more than 650 community leaders, veterans, active duty service members and supporters in attendance. It was just the beginning of a journey to serve, celebrate and recognize. The Veterans community needed to tell the stories of success and perseverance of all veterans to the world and the Academy of United States Veterans (AUSV) was just the ticket.  The organization was legally formed in March 2016 and shortly after, an ocean of support followed. 


Today, AUSV serves the community by promoting Veteran Service Organizations and projects that advance the interest of our veterans. AUSV events are designed to advocate for, and further the progress of the community through the power of media, unity, and collaboration.