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About the Statuette

The Veterans Awards (Vettys) was conceived from the need to tell the stories of success and perseverance of the veteran community in a society where oftentimes, the only attention veterans receive is concerning the negative issues that plague them. There is so much incredible work being done in the veteran community, and it is our mission to shed a light on all of the strides being made. Every year we grow, and every year, we want to give more to this community as they give more to us.

In 2017, for the upcoming 3rd Annual Veterans Awards, we decided to take the Vetty statuette to the next level. The mission of our organization and all the other organizations serving our veterans is to provide the very best for them. We try to do this by providing moral support and access to valuable resources.

The statuette for the Vettys is a brand new design. It represents the respect we have for our boots on the ground who have sacrificed so much for our great nation. We hope the statuette itself reflects in its physical form how each year we strive to be better, do better and to give the very best to our beloved veterans community.

Boots on the Ground

In the metaphorical sense, “boots on the ground” refers to ground troops who actively serve during a military operation. The phrase evokes a sense of foreboding for our foes and security for the American people. However, the phrase strips our service-members of their most crucial characteristic—their humanity. Each “boot” that is deployed is a man or woman with a family, friends, and a life.

We want our Vetty statuette to remind people of the sacrifice behind each “boot” and how much veteran service organizations ensure society treats our veterans not just as “boots” but as people who have given much in service and need our service in return.

Bennett Awards

We collaborated with Bennett Awards to create the new boot design. They approached the project with enthusiasm and fresh, creative ideas. We are so excited to have seen their vision come to fruition and we are honored at the opportunity to feature the work of such a talented organization.

Located in California, Bennett Awards is a family business that is managed by the husband and wife team of Bob and Alice Bennett. The Bennett family has been in the awards and fine art business for over 40 years. They started as a nationally-recognized sculpture studio and network of fine art galleries, then later evolved into a standalone business that provides unique, high-quality, handcrafted awards to customers across the globe. Their website can be found at this link:

The ProcesS

RouGh MOck-Ups

Final Mock-Up

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Past Awards

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2015: The First Vetty Award

2017: The Vettys INaugural Ball